“Fairytale flowers – that was what guests said about our wedding”
Beth and Simon

  • In my flower cutting garden, plants and flowers, birds, bees and butterflies all live and work together to create a natural environment, a far cry from the forced conditions of commercial growers.
  •  I like to grow all the cottage garden favourites, especially those which are happy to be brought indoors. There are plenty to choose from, Daisies to Delphiniums, Sweet Peas to Snapdragons.
  • I always seize the challenge to find some new varieties of flower or experimenting with colour schemes to create unique arrangements, even using fruit and vegetables decoratively!
  • Sometimes I do need to buy in blooms from flower suppliers but try where possible to use locally sourced items, or from the wide network of British flower growers.

“We just wanted to say a massive thank-you for the amazing job you did with the flowers for our wedding”
Sara and Matt

As a guide to selecting flowers for your wedding or special event, here are some examples of what I grow. They have been photographed in situ at my flower plot and in my garden. Select one to start a slideshow.